Thanks to Our Donors

Many thanks to our wonderful donors!

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Help Us Stamp Out Stigma

Friday, November 17 2017

Mental Health Fundraiser raises $1,120 in support of mental health initiatives at SGH. A salute to the organizers, vendors, sponsors  and volunteers for their efforts. 

L-R: Mental Health Fundraiser organizers Chris Gowland, Dorothy Lease and SGHF ED Andrea Page.

Special Dedication of a Chemo Room in memory of Kimberley Ann Russell

Monday, November 13 2017

Family, friends and chemo staff shared memories and celebrated Kimberley Ann Russell’s life and legacy at a special naming of a chemo room in her memory. 

Stratford-- the place where she was born, grew up, went to school and began the most important aspect of her life…her nursing career. She was known as the “fluff & puff nurse” since she always took the time to fluff pillows and talk to patients.

L - R:  Andrea Page, ED SGH Foundation; Reanne Fryfogel Admin Support; Fr. Bester; Elisha Coleman RN; Hugh McDonald, Board Chair SGH Foundation; Alyson Reinders RN, Ryan Itterman, Director, Regional Pharmacy Services and Chemotherapy; Sandy and Doug Oneschuk; Kathy Blake RN; Shirley and Bill Russell; Karen and John O’Bireck; Betty and Paul McCreadie. Photo: Kimberley Ann Russell.

Bowling for Teddy Bear & Friends

Friday, November 3 2017

Bowling for Teddy Bear & Friends for special care nursery equipment raised $6,800! This brings the Teddy Bear & Friends campaign total to $58,268!

Cardiac monitors for our Special Care Nursery total $15,000-22,000 each with a total of 9 needed for the nursery and 24 needed for all of Maternal Child.  

Thanks to all the donors and especially Loralee McNaughton RN who is dedicated to raising funds to benefit our tiniest patients.

L-R: Carla Johnston, Kylie De Martines, Ali Van Straaten, Katie Bauld, Crystal Turner, Linsey Van Kooten.

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